About Exoworkathlon®

Industrial exoskeletons are fascinating new devices developed and used to facilitate work functions and prevent musculoskeletal diseases. They may even improve the work output quality in some cases.

EXOWORKATHLON® develops work-specific Parcours for industrial exoskeletons to demonstrate and discuss their functions related to user feedback, ergonomics, metabolic, and production quality. We seek to generate a critically high level of standardized data collection in close collaboration with our expert partners.

EXOWORKATHLON® wants to assess, show and discuss!

You can find detailed information about the background and methodology in the article "Exoworkathlon: A prospective study approach for the evaluation of industrial exoskeletons" by Kopp et al., 2022.


Last Events:

  • Exoworkathlon® at Wearracon Europe, during A+A Show, Exoskeleton Park, Self Experience Space, 24.-27. October 2023, Duesseldorf



Would you like to participate in the global study as an exoskeleton manufacturer or industry partner? Please get in touch with us.

Trailer Exoworkathlon

Shown are the first work scenarios. Further Parcours have already been developed or are currently under development.



„Due to A+A and Exoworkathlon trials in 2021, we at Ford Europe, decided to check new exoskeletons models at our reference plant in Valencia and are now successfully long-term testing them.”


Israel Benavides,
Program Ergonomics, Ford Europe


„A+A and Exoworkathlon are important multiplyers for exoskeletons. We love to be there again in October 2023.”


David Duwe,
Vice President Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons Europe

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Specific parcours modules are developed with industrial relevance to simulate realistic work processes. 



The general results of the experiments already performed. 



Impressions and pictures of the experiments already performed.