List of Publications

Publications of EXOWORKATHLON® for detailled information.

  • Kopp, V., Holl, M., Schalk, M., Daub, U., Bances, E., García, B., Schalk, I., Siegert, J. & Schneider, U. (2022). Exoworkathlon: A prospective study approach for the evaluation of industrial exoskeletons. Wearable Technologies, 3, e22.
  • Schalk, M., Schalk, I., Bauernhansl, T., Siegert, J., Esin, A., & Schneider, U. (2022). Influence of exoskeleton use on welding quality during a simulated welding task. Wearable Technologies, 3, e17.
  • Schalk, M., Schalk, I., Holl, M., Kopp, V., Bauernhansl, T., Siegert, J., & Schneider, U. (2022). Exoskelette reduzieren die subjektive Belastung/Effect of exoskeletons used in industry on perceived exertion during standardized work tasks. wt Werkstattstechnik online, 112(09), 607–612. 
  • Schalk, M., Schalk, I., Bauernhansl, T., Siegert, J., & Schneider, U. (2022). Influence of Exoskeleton Use on Cardiac Index. Hearts, 3(4), 117–128.

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Specific parcours modules are developed with industrial relevance to simulate realistic work processes. 



The general results of the experiments already performed. 



Impressions and pictures of the experiments already performed.