Contributing Partners

We thank all our partners for their cooperation and for supporting us in making the EXOWORKATHLON® possible.

You want to be part of the global study as exoskeleton manufacture or industry partner? Please contact us

Contributing Experts

  • Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management, University of Stuttgart
  • Fraunhofer Institute of Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA
  • Dr. Hensel-Unger, AUDI AG
  • Israel Benavides, FORD GmbH
  • Dominic Bihl, Hilti AG
  • Mrs Richter, WELDPLUS
  • Mrs Pohlmann, SLV NORD
  • Mr Glitsch, DGUV IFA
  • Mr Wischnieswski, BAUA

Contributing exoskeleton manufacturers

  • Airframe (Levitate)
  • CrayX (German Bionic System)
  • ExoBack (RB3D)
  • Hapo (ErgoSanté)
  • Hapo MS (ErgoSanté)
  • IX Shoulder Air (SUITX by Ottobock)
  • IX Back Air (SUITX by Ottobock)
  • Japet (Japet),
  • Laevo Flex (Laevo)
  • MateXT (Comau)
  • Paexo Back (SUITX by Ottbock)
  • SoftExo (HUNIC)
  • Skelex 360-XFR (Skelex)

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Specific parcours modules are developed with industrial relevance to simulate realistic work processes. 



The general results of the experiments already performed. 



Impressions and pictures of the experiments already performed.